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FPC flexible circuit board use precautions and performance test indicators
Author:Original Click :10017 Date: 2021-05-13

FPC flexible circuit boards are simple in design, small in size, and can be directly connected. There is a lot of room for development in the electronic product market. Among them, FPC flexible circuit boards are widely used in mobile phones, and they are very compatible with mobile phone batteries, display screens, touch screens, and cameras. They are mainly dual-panel and rigid-flex board. Its advantages of lightness, thinness and shortness are the internal parts of mobile phones. Save a lot of space. Traditional connection methods are either complicated or have special electrical requirements, and need to process a lot of signals, which is very inconvenient to use. With FPC flexible circuit boards, the internal connection lines of the mobile phone can be greatly simplified and stable electrical transmission can be achieved. Precautions for the use of FPC flexible circuit boards: 1. FPC flexible circuit boards will be treated with surface coating, which can effectively prevent oxidation. There are certain requirements for the environment during storage. The temperature must be controlled below 25°C, and the humidity must be controlled within the range of 50%-70%. 2. The FPC flexible circuit board has strong bending resistance, but the exposed part of the conductor is not suitable for bending, nor can it be directly bent on the via hole. The FPC ink type protective layer is strictly prohibited to exceed 90°C during the assembly process. Bending, let alone bending at 180°C, may cause problems such as wire breakage. 3. The area where the FPC flexible circuit board stress is concentrated, such as the cover film, the golden finger end, the corner of the shape, etc., is prone to line breakage during the assembly process, so special attention should be paid when using it. FPC flexible circuit board performance test index: FPC flexible circuit board performance test content mainly includes: copper foil adhesion, pad solderability, pad roundness, silk screen clarity, surface finish, circuit connectivity, insulation performance and so on. The appearance, material and performance of FPC flexible circuit boards need to be fully verified. Copper foil adhesion refers to the adhesion between the FPC wire and the substrate. The copper foil adhesion is small, and the FPC wire is easy to peel off from the pad substrate, so it needs to be verified. Use transparent glue to glue on the FPC wire to be tested, remove the bubbles, and then quickly pull it off in a 90° direction. If the wire is intact, verify that the copper foil adhesion of the FPC flexible circuit board is qualified. The solderability test of the pad is the wetting ability of the solder to the printed pad, which is one of the important indicators of the FPC flexible circuit board test. Line connectivity and insulation performance represent the electrical performance indicators of FPC flexible circuit boards. In the test, the high-current shrapnel micro-needle module can be used for connection and conduction, which can effectively transmit large currents and maintain a stable connection within the range of 1-50A; it can also cope with small pitches, which can be guaranteed between 0.15mm-0.4mm. The pin is stuck and the pin is constantly pinned to make the FPC flexible circuit board test stable.

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