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How to maintain the vacuum pump of smartplasma plasma machine?
Author:Original Click :8152 Date: 2021-04-21

How to maintain the vacuum pump of smartplasma plasma machine?Vacuum pump maintenance includes Roots Pump and Dry Pump.1 Check the oil level every week. Under normal use, check the oil level of the oil level every week.If the oil level indicated by the oil level gauge is lower than the lower limit of use (there is a clear mark next to the oil level gauge), inject new oil to the normal oil consumption in time.2 Replace the oil for 1 year (depending on the situation). When the clean gas is used normally, the dry pump and the Roots pump must be turned off first, and the vacuum must be broken to reach atmospheric pressure.Use the special oil recommended by the manufacturer.3 Return to the factory for 3 years (depending on the situation) to maintain the grease on each part of the pump and check the filter element.

How to maintain the vacuum pump of smartplasma plasma machine?Guoxing Technology will explain the maintenance steps for you:Specific maintenance steps for replacing vacuum pump oil:1) Unscrew the large round nut of the oil filler port of the vacuum pump;2) Turn on the knob switch on the drain valve (note the direction of the knob switch);3) When the working personnel discharge the oil safely, the oil level in the oil level gauge will drop;4) After draining the oil in the pump, turn off the oil drain valve knob switch;5) Inject new oil from the fuel filler port, and add an appropriate amount exceeding the lower limit;6) Tighten the large round nut of the fuel filler.note:1) Please inject pure special oil when replacing;2) Drain the oil originally used in the pump;3) The staff should wear rubber gloves and masks when changing the oil;4) Please bury the discharged waste oil in time for safe disposal.


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