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Which one in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai sells Plasma plasma surface treatment equipment with good service?
Author:Original Click :7534 Date: 2021-04-19

Which one in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai sells Plasma plasma surface treatment equipment with good service? Recommend Yangzhou Guoxing technology for you, please see the following explanation for details

After-sales advantages: Our services are divided into pre-sale service, sale service, after-sales service and agent processing service.

1. Pre-sale service: A: The professional introduction and the practical experience of the professionals allow customers to get a preliminary understanding of us, and let customers have a deep understanding of our products through samples. B: Engineers who have been engaged in plasma for many years enter the workshop and specify effective process parameters according to user needs and production conditions.

2. In-sale service: A: Make equipment optimization and solutions based on user needs and production. B: Model selection, customer quotation, quick response, everything starts from the actual situation of the customer.

3. After-sales service: A: Fast delivery, so that customers can use it quickly. B: One year warranty and lifetime maintenance. C: The machine is malfunctioning, and it will arrive within 3-6 hours after receiving the notice (South China, East China), and it will arrive within 24-48 hours in other areas of China. D: South China (Shenzhen) and East China (Suzhou) are equipped with multiple plasma generators and vacuum units, which cannot be repaired within 24 hours, and spare parts can be borrowed and replaced free of charge. E: The machine cannot be repaired within the estimated time, and it can be found in our company for free.

4. After-sales service: A: Contact information for after-sales service in East China: Address: No. 8-4, Pingxiang Road, Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province B: After-sales service contact information in South China: Address: Room 313, Building B, Yongqi Business Daxia, Yintian Industrial Zone, Xixiang, Baoshan, Shenzhen

5. Provide external processing services on behalf of the following: A: After drilling the flexible board, the rigid-flex board, and the rigid board with high thickness to diameter ratio, the hole wall is etched before the copper sinking, and the hole wall is free of slag; B: PTFE (Teflon) and other high-frequency microwave boards The surface of the hole wall before the copper sink is activated; the board surface is activated before the solder mask; C: HDI board removes carbide after laser drilling; D: The surface of the rigid-flex board is roughened before pressing, and the bonding force can be increased by more than ten times without delamination; E: The surface treatment before the reinforcement of the flexible board, the cover film, and the steel sheet reinforcement, so that the reinforcement does not fall off and enhances the bonding force; F: The surface of the pad is cleaned and activated before wire bonding, which can improve the bonding force; G: The soft plate is gold-plated, and the surface of the pad before the gold is clean, which can replace the traditional plate grinding machine; H: Improve the solderability of SMT, improve the poor tin on tiny pads, improve the poor tin on BGA, false soldering, etc.; I: Epistar, LED bonding, cleaning.

6. Team advantage: The founding team of our company is composed of veterans and a team of doctors, who have been deeply involved in the field of equipment and electronics manufacturing for more than 20 years. At present, domestic and foreign plasma equipment is helping customers to do after-sales and maintenance. Many foreign plasma equipment no longer have after-sales service or the after-sales service is expensive. Our company has now purchased foreign equipment for many (for example: American March, PE, South Korea, Germany Etc.) customers do after-sales service with first-class technical level;

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